Young Harris, GA

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Young Harris

Young Harris

Young Harris, GA, is a rural community in the Enchanted Valley of the North Georgia Mountains that developed after Young Harris College was established in the late 1800’s. The town of Young Harris was named after the college and its history dates back to 1894. According to the U.S. government Census Bureau, the population of Young Harris in 2000 was 604 and its total land area is 1 square mile. Tourism is a large source of revenue in Young Harris because Lake Chatuge is such a popular vacation travel destination. The Enchanted Valley contains verdant forests, rivers and streams that are teeming with trout, and it creates an abundance of recreational opportunities for Young Harris’ residents and tourists to enjoy all year round.

Young Harris exemplifies a luxurious vacation lifestyle

Young Harris is considered to be one of the most desirable places to live in North Georgia’s vacation land because Towns County has an excellent public school system, the cost of living index is low at 79.0, the crime rate is relatively low and quality health care is conveniently available at nearby hospitals. Residential development in the Enchanted Valley is characterized by multi-million dollar custom built lakeside homes, charming log cabin style homes with mountain views, rustic homes set deep within forested areas, and luxurious resort style condominium developments that offer special recreational amenities to residents.

Authorities and sources of assistance for business in Young Harris

The Towns County Chamber of Commerce assists business owners and promotes tourism in many ways through networking, advertising and helping to find business convention facilities. Towns County Tourism Association is the county bureau whose official authority includes providing help to people that are interested in moving to Young Harris or developing a new business. Throughout this website you will also find helpful source information about recreation, lodging and accommodations, dining and shopping in Young Harris’ many unique resorts, hotels, stores and restaurants.

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